WESLACO - Six of the city's best went out with a flourish Thursday at the RGV Soccer Coaches Association All-Star Game matching East and West. Bobby Lackey Stadium was the site as four girls and two boys competed for the red-clad West unit.

Josue Morales and Alan Alfaro of North played in the boys' game, which followed the girls. In the opener, North had Vivi Hernandez and Jamie Torres while Econ seniors Dulce "Candy" Loera and Nicole Wilke were in action.

The chance for one last game was particularly valuable to Hernandez, whose shoulder injury kept her out for most of the Lady Coog season. She was the most visible presence for the city at the All-Star Game, making a number of strong defensive plays.



Newcomer of the Year: Reyes Espino, North

Utility Player of the Year: Juan Martinez, EHS; Eduardo Palomo, North


Forward: Kristov Martinez, EHS; Alan Alfaro, North

Midfield: Alex Gutierrez, North; Lupe Vidal, Econ; Luis Hinojosa, EHS

Defense: Esau Zuniga, EHS; Erik Ochoa, North

Keeper: Jose Risa, EHS


Forward: Jose Cabrera, Econ; Cesar Barajas, North

Defense: Brandon Barnabe, Econ; Manny Gonzalez, North; Juan Ramirez, Econ

Keeper: Angel Delgado, North

Honorable mention: Sergio Romo, Luis Ramirez, and Jesus Gonzalez, EHS; Josue Morales, Frank Garcia, Abe Garza, North; Ruben Platas, Jesus Gonzalez, Brandon Alejo, Econ


Co-Newcomer of the Year: Diana Cobarruvias, EHS

Co-Utility Player of the Year: Amanda Wilke, Econ


Forward: Viri Torres, North; Jamie Torres, North

Midfield: Karen Alvarado, EHS

Defense: Nicole Wilke, Econ, Bri Sanchez, EHS

Keeper: Bri Detwiler, EHS


Forward: Dulce Loera, Econ; Savannah Castillo, Econ; Leslie Alvarez, EHS

Midfield: Aleyda Paez, Econ; Vivi Hernandez, North; Rachel Hernandez, EHS

Defense: Marianna Watson, North

Keeper: Michelle Villarreal, North; Karla Garza, Econ

Honorable mention: Amy Avila, EHS; Dulce Balderas, North; Alyssa Salinas, North; Dora Molina, North; Mercedes Mendoza, EHS; Maria Garcia, EHS

NOTE: Juan Martinez of EHS (second) and Alex Gutierrez of North (third) were All-Valley selections