Some interesting subplots have arisen from the camp at North as the spring football season has now ended. The Coogs played an intersquad scrimmage Thursday at the high school, with several offensive linemen missing, a new back looking like a real keeper, and the defense improving steadily as the night wore on.

Prominent among the walking wounded was Rudy Trevino, who is on the sideline with a knee injury. If all goes as planned, he will be back at tackle in the fall, and as two other starters were also missing for various reasons, line coach Damian Gonzalez got a lot of reps for his other kids.

The one to ponder is a mammoth sophomore to be, right tackle David Anzaldua, who at age 14 is 6-foot-5 and nearly 300 pounds. Re-read that. And do not think that he has no feet; the guy has some quicks and is just starting to figure out how to think the varsity position. Gonzalez says that down the road, he could be the same sort of college prospect as senior Trevino.

For now, head man Roy Garza will be happy if the youngster and his mates can pave the way for the revamped ground game in 2011. In seeking to leave last year's 1-9 disaster behind, the Coogs are looking like they have an offense that will be one of the league's best.

Behind the monster line is a proven runner in Roly Borrego, who has gained some strength and not lost any of his hard-hitting burst to the hole. He even threw a touchdown Thursday on the halfback pass as North's O dominated early; the defensive group came on strong later.

And along with Borrego, well get ready...the media might not be definite on what his name is, but once they get it right, they will be putting it down a lot. Reyes Espino, Espino Reyes...OK, the former. Either way, this kid can flat play the game, as illustrated by a number of scintillating runs to the house in the scrimmage. Strong-legged and blessed with excellent natural ability befitting a soccer star, Espino may be poised to be the surprise of 31-5A this season: he has that much potential.

Former pro ballplayer Paul Alsbury, a Bobcat ex who is helping the Coogs out these days, was the guy's coach at Brewster Middle School, where he said Espino was off the charts.

And there are other skill guys around, like trusty vet Michael Hinojosa, who is one of several North men who will see double duty this year. The team's weak spot is depth, and Coach Garza believes that any number of his best athletes will scarcely have time to water up before getting back into the action. Hinojosa, who made the hit of the night (on Espino BTW) and defended well against the pass, is one of them, along with Jerry de la Garza.

"It shouldn't be a problem," Garza said of his multiple talents. "We have some guys who will go both ways at times, we haven't done that much in the past but we have decided to give it a try. We are getting a lot of guys reps at new positions, and that's another good reason to have spring ball."

During the two-hour-plus workout, there was music of all kinds blaring across the field, anything from Steppenwolf to techno to some traditional Tejano. If things go as planned, and North gets a few breaks to go with its load of talent, the 2011 season will provide fans some beautiful music, a far cry from last year's down campaign.