AUSTIN -- Senator Lucio passed House Bill 675,

which regulates the age and condition of high school football

helmets, Monday. The bill, authored by state Rep. Eddie Lucio in

the Texas House,  is now headed to the governor.

"Helmets are the first line of defense when

protecting football players. We cannot afford to allow our children

to use protective equipment that is either old or broken," Senator

Lucio said. "The passage of HB 675 represents a victory for the

safety of our high school athletes."

Often, helmets used by high school athletes

get passed down to younger age levels after use by varsity teams.

Currently, there are no requirements for school districts to

maintain records regarding the age or condition of helmets.

HB 675 bans the use of helmets that are

sixteen years old or older and requires helmets older than ten

years to be reconditioned at least every two years. School

districts will also be required to keep documents proving the date

a helmet was purchased and anytime a helmet is reconditioned.

"As student athletes continue to become

faster, stronger and bigger, we must recognize the need for this

type of bill," said Representative Lucio. "This piece of

legislation is a simple, preventative measure in providing the

utmost protection for our rising football stars."

High school football is an enthralling aspect

of Texas life. However, it is also an inherently dangerous sport.

Studies have shown that head injuries, specifically concussions,

may lead to serious and permanent injuries. Since 2007, 21 former

NFL players have been diagnosed post-mortem with CTE, a progressive

degenerative disease caused by multiple concussions and other forms

of head injury.

"As a former coach, I know how hard students

work to represent their schools and communities through football -

their safety should be every lawmaker's priority," said Senator