The McAllen Public Utility (MPU) has been selected by the Texas Water Utilities Association Awards Committee to receive the 2008 Leadership Award. The MPU was recognized for its devotion to public health and water environment for McAllen residents and Texans, alike.

“I am very grateful to live in a community where we truly practice helping your neighbor. The McAllen PUB and City Commission have given us the resources in order to do that,” said Roel ‘Roy’ Rodriguez, P.E. General Manager, McAllen Public Utility.

The MPU was instrumental in helping Texans recover from damage caused by Hurricane Dolly in the Rio Grande Valley and Hurricane Ike in the Galveston area in 2008.

“We commend our staff for not only volunteering to help in such dire conditions, but for doing an outstanding job in helping our fellow Texans,” said Charles Amos, chairman of McAllen Public Utility Board.

McAllen maintains some of the lowest utility rates in the state and recently received a bond rating upgrade from “AA-” to “AA”. McAllen Public Utility serves more tha 46,000 households in the city.