On March 5, 2010, Texas Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper issued an Order to seize all prepaid funeral contract records of Gonzalez Family Funeral Home and Gonzalez-Rivera Funeral Home, both of Edinburg, Texas.  The Order recites that one or both of these funeral homes violated Chapter 154 of the Texas Finance Code by failing to properly deposit money collected from the sale of several prepaid funeral contracts. On March 8, 2010, the Department seized the funeral homes’ prepaid funeral records.

The Order was effective immediately, but the funeral homes may ask that the Department hold a hearing to determine whether the Order should be stayed.  If either of the funeral homes asks that a hearing be held, it will take place at the Texas Department of Banking office in Austin.

The Department’s goal is to protect the rights and interests of prepaid funeral contract purchasers and will pursue all legal remedies available.

Inquiries regarding your prepaid funeral contract should be directed to:

Texas Department of Banking

Special Audits Division

2601 N. Lamar Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78705-4294

Toll-free (877) 276-5554, at the menu prompt select “3” for Inquiries/Complaints,

at the next prompt select “6” for Funeral Contracts/Cemeteries

or Directly (512) 475-1285