Adam Hudson

Palmview, TX

Health care costs have been the source of many discussions over the course of my life. News reports on how many Americans have to declare bankrupty due to medical bills, people who can't afford insurance, the rising cost of medication. These things hit home after I was medically retired from the Army. The VA helps take care of me, but not my wife and children. When we found out that my wife's medication regimen was going to cost over $500.00 a month even with the medical insurance she has, we were flabbergasted. This doesn't count the doctor's bills or health care for our children.

I personally know what it is like to insure people with pre-existing conditions. Unless you have some amazing amounts of money at the end of each month it is nearly impossible to do. Most know what it is like to have their coverage deducted from their check. These same people, every once in a while look at their paystub and notice that the amount they take would go better with their checking accounts and need that little extra that is disappearing. But what if they had to pay over ten times the same amount each month. for example, a $32.00 deduction is nothing compared to a $356.00 dollar bill each month. i've looked and that is about average for us.

When was the last time a hospital gave you a list of costs for their services? They don't. They aren't allowed to tell you what it will cost. You find out when you get the bill. How often does an American just say "I can't pay this!" both ruining their credit and creating huge amounts of stress in their lives. 

Healthcare Reform will start holding insurance companies accountable and guarantee coverage for millions who can't get it. It is a Bill that has been long awaited and needed. The deceitful ads and attacks by those who make their money from these huge bills and applying huge costs need to be ignored. Educate yourself with facts, not ads.