When an interested crowd gathered to honor naming of a new wing at the sparkling Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library in Edinburg, there was much applause — and a few tears.

“Today we honor a family that is a shining example to this community, the Roberts family,” said Ms. Sonya Miller, mistress of ceremonies, She is the programs and public outreach librarian.

A dozen members of the Roberts family were pleased when asked to dedicate a Library wing with their family’s name.

Harry Roberts, head of the Roberts family, commented, “I think it’s more important — names — that we remember the Dustin Sekula Library. That’s the most important name of all of them.”

Mitch Roberts followed his Uncle Harry Roberts, saying, “We need to remember that today is April 12, and eleven days ago, six years ago, Dusty Sekula gave the ultimate price and sacrificed his life for our freedom. . . Dustin was a friend of ours and was almost like a son to my brother. My brother grew up with Dustin and his family, attended baptisms, weddings, and funerals and many Thanksgiving dinners at their table. . .

“We are able to do what we can for this Library for the love of Dustin Sekula, who died for his country. . .We accept this with open arms,” he added.

Director of the Library Letty Leija praised the Roberts family for their purchase of a new van for the Library and its use in community outreach, visiting homebound and schools. The gift includes expansion of the library’s collection and funding additional library programs for the community.

She said the family has a tradition of support and generosity. “We honor such dedicated families,” she said.

Shan Rankin, executive director of the Museum of South Texas History, praised the Roberts family for its dedication to the community.

“The Roberts family commitment to this community and their leadership efforts have been exemplary and touched many lives and organizations,” she said. She added that the Roberts family has donated “historically relevant items” in addition to their high level of monetary donations to the museum.

“Every community needs a family like the Roberts,” she said. “They see the importance of philanthropic leadership and provide an example for the next generation to follow.”

Letty Gonzalez, president of the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce, said, “From the bottoms of our hearts of the board of directors of the Chamber, thank you for your commitment and your dedication. Thank you for your generosity to our organization.“

City Manager Ramiro Garza Jr. spoke on behalf of Mayor Richard Garcia and the City of Edinburg, saying, “We welcome everyone to this momentous occasion. . . We want to thank you for all your efforts throughout the years.”

The program opened with a luncheon for members and guests of the Friends of the Library and ended with a ribbon-cutting at the front of the new Roberts Family Exhibit Hall.