A new chess club has started in McAllen.

Richard Arnold, a strong veteran chess-player, found a place to play — The Club Room of the Jackson Square Apartments.

All chess players are welcome. So are any newcomers who want to learn this ancient table game played world-wide.Chess is played often at the McAllen Memorial Library, but chess-nuts, as we sometimes are called, can prolong a game until the library closes. We hate that. If you play a rare game lasting three or hours, you want to finish it.

Relatively few women or girls play chess. (The exceptions can be strong.) The object of every chess game is to capture the king. Most females hate violence, even in an ancient game.

Chess teaches to analyze facts, think under pressure, make traps or avoid them, and play by strict rules.

If you can sweat out a long game you can learn to survive other tests, from school and college to business and war.

Arnold was chess champion of his hometown, Lufkin, Texas, and has played winning chess 10 years in McAllen. He hopes to help Upper Valley cities start creating top school-age chess players.

This veteran chess player will be teaching chess part-time at Palmview school this summer.

“I hope to see the McAllen school district start and the Upper Valley offering chess classes this year,” Arnold said. “Brownsville schools are famous for creatining national chess champions. They back the game strongly.”

The new club’s next meeting will be 6:30 p.m. to midnight on Friday, May 7.

Jessica Mae Pena, property manager for Jackson Square, said the best way to reach the Club Room is in the middle of 700 W. Jackson Ave., between Houston and Travis streets, just east of South 10th street. The swimming pool is near the new chess location.