Before many nights of fun, hanging out with friends or having some cocktails, many women put on a major part of their wardrobe. This part can range anywhere from a few dollars to the thousands of dollars. This key element in the way they look is their shoes.

Now there are many types of shoes women where but the subject here are high heels. High heels are typical for a woman, but what about men?

Mujeres Unidas along with South Texas College hosted Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, a mile walk where men put on their pumps and walked to raise awareness to help end sexual violence against women.

"We're having an awareness walk fighting for the victims of sexual violence," Priscilla Flores of Mujeres Unidas, an organizer of the event. "We're having men walk literally in women's high heals around STC campus bringing awareness to this topic."

One out of five women and one out of 20 men are victims of sexual assault.

"A lot of it goes unreported because it's such an intimate topic," Flores said. "So we're here to bring that awareness to that topic so they'll (victims) speak out and tell someone they have been a victim and know that there is help out there for them."

Some of the sexy marchers included McAllen commissioner John Ingram, some staff members of STC, San Juan Police Department and members of the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees hockey team and Vipers basketball team.