Suppose you had everything in life that you had hoped for only to discover that, it was not what you really wanted. Join us at Speer Memorial Library in Mission, on Tuesday, July 27, at 6:30 p.m., for a discussion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel Eat, Pray, Love. Everyone is welcome to attend and discuss the book, to take place in the library’s Community Room.

Having achieved the ideal life—home, marriage, career—and yet yearning to be free from it, Gilbert passes through divorce, affair, and depression only to begin a yearlong journey in search of oneself. She visits three countries Italy (for pleasure), studying Italian and savoring la dolce vita; India (for spirituality), studying meditation under a guru; and the Indonesian island of Bali (for balance), studying under a medicine man that exemplify the three aspects of herself that she wishes to explore.

We’ll talk about her travels, the people she meets along the way, and the insights she gathers from it all—plus, what’s really cool about the number 108—when we discuss Eat, Pray, Love.

For more information, or to sign up, please call William Renner or Rosie Alvarez at 580-8750 or 580-8754. You can also register at the Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, or email

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