Impacts of communities in Hidalgo County as of Monday July 12

Los Ebanos: The situation is being monitored 24/7, according to County officials. A recommendation for voluntary self-evacuation has been issued by Judge Rene Ramirez. An American Red Cross shelter was opened but placed on standby when nobody utilized its services.

La Joya: Water continues to creep slowly from the river towards Military Road. It is currently being monitored by La Joya firefighters.

Penitas: Water continues to rise south of Military Road, in an area just short of where the County's improved levee system starts. As of Sunday, water had crept 3 feet closer to the roadway. Livestock has been evacuated.

Granjeno: Fully protected by the improved levee system, according to the county. There are currently no residences on the south side of the levee.

Madero (South Mission): Protected by the levees. Water level is rising, but is contained within its river banks.

Anzaldua Park: Ordered closed by Pct. 3 Commissioner's Office. Gates are locked and public entry is prohibited. Water is rushing over the entrance at unsafe speeds, according to the county.

Anzaldua Bridge: Open for business for both northbound and southbound traffic. Bridge is accessible via Shary Road. Laredo commercial traffic has been diverted to this bridge, so delays can be expected on the northbound lane.

Anzaldua Dam: Fully operational, and under the control of the IBWC. Not accessible by motor vehicle via normal roadways.

City of Hidalgo: River water remains contained within the river banks. The city is accessible via all roadways, including Military Highway. The City has closed its storm drain system in anticipation of rising river waters. A contingency plan is in place to pump water in case of rainfall.

McAllen-Reynosa Bridge: Open to southbound traffic. Northbound is reduced to one lane on the Reynosa side due to water on the roadway.

Progreso International Bridge: Still open. There is no access via Highway 1015. It was closed on Saturday July 10 due to water on the roadway in between the IBWC floodway.

City of Progreso: Still accessible via Military Highway. Not accessible via Highway 1015.