Dora Brown, senior vice president of IBC Bank in McAllen, was recently awarded the MicroSociety “George Award for Outstanding Community Partner.” The awards are named after renowned expert of real world learning and late founder of MicroSociety, Dr. George Richmond.

Brown spearheaded a financial literacy initiative for IBC Bank long before financial literacy became the hot topic it is today.

In 1997, she took her program to Sam Houston Elementary School, a MicroSociety school, in McAllen Independent School District, where 90 percent of students are Hispanic and economically-disadvantaged. She saw right away the power of learning financial literacy in the real world learning environment of a micro-society, not only as a way to improve knowledge of and respect for finance and business acumen, but to develop leadership skills and positively impact college and career readiness.

Immediately, Brown began volunteering her time and recruited others partners including Target and HEB, who contributed both volunteers and raw materials to Sam Houston’s MicroSociety. Now, working in partnership with MicroSociety, the Philadelphia-based, national non-profit organization, Brown has generated interest beyond Sam Houston and McAllen and set the stage so more students have the opportunity to be a part of the MicroSociety learning environment.

“We are proud to have one of our dedicated employees receive such a prestigious award that supports communities and banks by promoting the importance of financial education,” IBC Chairman and CEO Dennis E. Nixon said. “Dora’s passion and dedication to ensuring the community’s youngest citizens have the financial tools they need to succeed in adulthood, along with her forward thinking ideas like implementing the MicroSociety program in the Valley, have made a long-lasting impact on the community.”

A 20-year veteran of IBC, Brown works daily to follow IBC Bank’s mission of ‘doing more.‘

IBC Bank also runs “Money Buzz” an outreach program designed to teach youth about the importance of saving and money management.

“For years, Dora Brown has worked tirelessly to improve the life chances of the youth of IBC communities and has helped to create one of the most dynamic business-oriented MicroSociety schools in the country in McAllen. We are proud to recognize her work and can think of no one more deserving to win this award” said Carolynn King Richmond, President and CEO, of MicroSociety. The George Awards were a major highlight of MicroSociety’s 18th Annual National Conference on Real-World Learning held recently in Fort Lauderdale.

About MicroSociety — The mission of MicroSociety is to create learning environments that motivate students to learn by engaging them in the connections between the classroom and real life. For nearly 20 years, the non-profit organization has provided the curriculum and professional development educators need to implement this innovative hands-on, experiential learning design in elementary and middle schools. Its nationally-recognized model is supported by over 30 years of programmatic research, refinement, and implementation in hundreds of schools and after school programs across the nation. Unique in its programmatic breadth and depth, MicroSociety’s model extends far beyond basic economics education activities such as a simulation, or a token economy. It educates the whole child by improving academic achievement while addressing critical issues of self-esteem, personal responsibility, social engagement, and 21st century skills development.

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