Edinburg city council member Gus Garcia has a new post for a year. Garcia will take over the reins from council member Noe Garza as mayor pro tem.

Im excited about it, Garcia said. I think its an opportunity to get out there and experience maybe some speaking events or some functions that the city has.

Garcia, who has been on the council since 2006, feels that this is also going to be a great opportunity to see a different side of politics.

I think it will also be a great opportunity to see a different side of this political system, Garcia said.

Mayor Richard Garcia knows that he is not going to have any complaints about Gus Garcia and he is ready for him to step up to the challenge.

I know he will very much rise to the occasion, the mayor said. Gus is a busy man in his business, he provides a good service here in representation and I think any challenge will be just making the time to make the appearances.

The mayor said he felt that Garzas performance as mayor pro tem was key in helping him run the city.

We actually became very much intertwined while he served as mayor pro tem, Mayor Garcia said. I have a law practice and Im involved in the EDC (Edinburg Development Corporation) so I need a lot of backup sometimes and he was great at that and I hope that Gus can provide the same type of help because its not for me, its for the city.