"2">HIDALGO — Grant Buckborough stood in front of a podium at the

State Farm Arena Wednesday and could not hold back his emotions as

he stepped down as the RGV Killer Bees General



"2">“I’ve put eight long years here and I’ve learned a lot,”

Buckborough said as some of the hockey players and staff of the

Bees listened. “I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I’m going to

miss each and every one of you guys.”


"2">Buckborough leaves the Bees to take a post with the Phoenix

Coyotes of the NHL.


"2">Replacing Buckborough is Dan Belisle (buh-LIGH-uhl), a

47-year-old who has worked in a number of capacities in the game of

hockey. He has been a vice president and general manager for four



"2">As he was introduced he compared Buckborough to Wayne Gretzky

because when Gretzky was traded he was just as



"2">“Last time I saw someone cry like that was Wayne Gretzky when

he got traded and they kind of look alike,” Belisle joked. “It’s my

pleasure to be here in what has been a whirlwind of a



"2">The Bees reached Belisle about a week before the announcement

and he accepted the job.


"2">“One of the reasons for me that made this decsion easy is that

this organizations is one of the most respected CHL franchise,”

Belisle said. “Most of the teams I’ve ever gone to I’ve had to put

out fires, I’ve had to turn the ship around and the great thing

about this situation is that this ship is going in the right



"2">Belisle also said that it was going to be difficult to fill

Buckborough’s shoes but he was up for the



"2">“We have shared a lot of conversation over the last 48 hours

and I’m truly excited about picking up where Bucky has left off,”

Belisle said. “If I can do half the job that Bucky has done this

organization will be exactly where we want to



"2">Belisle also said that he was excited about coming to the Rio

Grande Valley because of the family atmosphere it lends