Anyone who loves stage magicians will enjoy seeing real, live, professional action at the Pharr Chamber of Commerce in the coming months.

Eighteen Valley magicians met recently to make plans for the season.

This writer, far from understanding magic, was almost hypnotized by their skill. The club was studying techniques and tricks. No black magic here.

Small children might be surprised a bit. But this is a well-regulated entertainment that has been performed in the Pharr Chamber of Commerce building, 304 W. Park, for many years.

This started in McAllen, then another short stay in Harlingen. Finally, Pharr became its steady host.

The next program open to the public will be held on the third Monday of September. New members or interested persons can enter free for their first visit.

The next paid event will be when Jonathan Pendragon, a world-traveling illusionist who many have seen on television, will come to the same location on Sept. 24. Tickets are $20 a person. He and his wife are both professional magicians who will put on a show to remember.

The Valley has its own star who travels widely, Oscar Munoz of Pharr. He also is a well-known performer and among those in the Valley who will attend birthdays and other parties for prices that vary.

There is a new president for the club each month. Several of the magicians are available for various events.

George Robinson, the program chairman, can be reached by phoning 380-3929 and can be invited to do his startling illusions.

Some of the other members will also work at events they specialize in for a fee or a charity for children.

Most people don’t know this, but the Valley’s most famous baseball coach, Al Ogletree of McAllen, has been doing magic tricks for the some 50 years he has lived in McAllen.

Ogletree continues to work with the Valley magicians. He likes one joke he used about the greatest sports victory his team made in the history of Pan American University (now UT Pan American) baseball.

“We beat the Texas Longhorns at the playoffs twice, 4-0 and 1-0. Then we ran out of magic and finished fourth out of eight in the College World Series,” he recalled.

For more information, go see the next time the group meets or has a program, or you can phone any of the persons mentioned above.

Here are some of the other talented magicians who can be contacted: Martin Torres, Edinburg; Rafael T. Vasquez, Roma; Saul Rivera, Edinburg; Rene Cuellar, Edinburg; Ricardo Pumarejo, Edinburg; Zac Eckstein; Fabian Moreno, McAllen; Pete Moreno, McAllen; Jose Capistrano Barrera, Edinburg; and others who may have disappeared during their vanishing act before the reporter caught them.

The accompanying photo has some magicians in it who are not identified, but they personally all look like good magicians, so you will have to find them before they disappear.