Hi gardening enthusiasts,

What are some great annuals for fall color? The term annual means that the plant will last and look nice for one season; it may live but it will not look good all year round, unless you are a miracle worker. Some great flowering plants for fall are begonias, snapdragons, petunias, pansies, mums and even impatiens. Beware of mums as they look great in the store but then will lose those beautiful blooms in a week or two. If you want a good kick of color and something that pulls your eyes toward it use reds, oranges, and hot pinks. Fill the bed with solid colors or mix two hot colors together like hot pink and orange. If you are use to mixing lighter colors that is okay too, it is just not as impactful. Annuals may take some time and effort, but are very economical and pack a big punch. They usually come in six-packs, four-inch or quarts; of course the larger you get the prettier the color, however remember it grows, so if you need to budget put the small ones close together and be patient. Happy gardening.

Hollie Bishop Elliott

Innovative Environments Project Manager/Designer (innovativenvironments.com). Ask me a question: hollie_bishop@yahoo.com.