When we decided to move to Texas I couldn't help but think of the many Texas stereotypes. Most of these are probably thanks to Hollywood and its portrayal of the Lone Star State. After living here for some time I have been able to learn for myself which ones are true and which ones are myth.

"This is Texas. Everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun." (Miss Congeniality) According to this Hollywood stereotype everybody in Texas has a gun. Although I have heard plenty of debate among Texans about the gun laws here, I personally have not noticed an increased amount of gun sightings in Texas than anywhere else. That doesn't go to say that more people don't own guns in Texas, it just goes to say that at least they are keeping them in places I'm not seeing them. On a side note, I would like to add that I saw a very humorous picture of a Texans' refurbished motorcycle seat that was complete with two gun holsters on each side. (That's not doing much to break down the stereotype).

"Y'all gone did and done it." Popular stereotype suggests that if you are a Texan you are a redneck, uneducated, hick, who, "Tawlks lak this." I have found this stereotype to be much of a myth. I am actually kind of disappointed about this (not about the uneducated hick part, just the accent part). I was excited to hear y'all talk with your accent. Apparently you're all very well educated and speak beautifully and clearly. Fine, whatever, be that way. It is also the stereotype that everyone is a cowboy boot, cowboy hat, Levi, big belt buckle wearing cowboy. I've seen more of the aforementioned cowboy wear in Texas than anywhere else, but it's still a pretty small majority of the Texas population, but for those few who do fit the stereotype, don't be ashamed, the world needs cowboys.

"Everything is bigger in Texas." I wouldn't go so far as to say EVERYTHING is bigger, but a lot of things are. The cowboy boots at the San Antonio North Star Mall are ridiculous in size. Two restaurants were featured on "Man vs. Food" one being the proud owners of 3 lb. cinnamon rolls and the other boasting a 42" pizza. A given is the state itself; second in size only to Alaska. (If you want to get technical it is the biggest state in the continental U.S.). King Ranch anyone? (Is it irony that, "The Biggest Loser," is filmed at the biggest ranch in the 2nd biggest state?) Texas also has the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen in real life, though I'm sure not the biggest ever. Texas trucks seem to take up two lanes of traffic. That's a good list for now, although I could go on.

The last I shall mention is BBQ. According to popular belief, everyone in Texas eats BBQ for every meal, at every event, every weekend. This is no myth. It is absolute truth. The obsession I have witnessed of Texans and their BBQ is extreme and to my benefit. Texans make some mighty fine food on those ridiculously sized BBQs of theirs that are large enough to have their own built in trailer. In fact, I've already written a column about this. Read here: A State of BBQ, if you want to know more of the Texas BBQ obsession.

To sum it all up, the average Texan may or may not have a gun stashed somewhere on their person while driving their oversized truck to the weekly family BBQ where they will cook brisket on their car sized BBQ and talk with their friends who don't have accents and could possibly be wearing cowboy boots.

Corinne recently moved from Utah to Texas and enjoys pointing out the funny things she notices that are "Only in Texas." You can contact her with comments & questions at onlyintexascolumn@gmail.com.