SAN JUAN Valley children with disabilities and special needs will get a chance to go fishing -- some for the first time - on Saturday, June 25 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. during a "Miracle Kids of South Texas" event at Lantana Pavilion at Nolana Park, 501 E. Nolana Loop (at E. Earling Road, where Nolana ends), behind the WIC Building in San Juan.

The event, sponsored by Valley Baptist Health System, will enable disabled and special-needs children ages 5 to 15 to fish - and take home any fish they catch.

For more information on the Miracle Kids of South Texas -- including to RSVP for a disabled child who would like to participate in this unique opportunity -- please contact the Valley Baptist Foundation at (956) 389-1614 or by e-mail at, or Border Mobility at (956) 683-1238.