Dear Editor:

Has anyone in Texas noticed that the last two teams that won the World Series have come from cities named after saints? I try not to be superstitious, but I can't help but wonder if the Rangers would fare better if they moved the club to San Angelo or San Antonio.

It's quite possible that the Rangers missed some stats coming out of Austin. Last season, 2010, Governor Perry executed 17 prisoners for the good people of Texas. This season, 2011, Governor Perry has executed 12 prisoners for the good people of Texas. The last such execution being held on October 27 - the same day the Rangers lost game 6 of the World Series. What a great player Perry is!

Somebody up there isn't smiling. I'm not talking about Heaven. I'm talking about Austin.

In the history of MLB, some teams have made the move. The Dodgers were in Brooklyn, and now they're in LA. All right, so the Dodgers aren't the Angels. And, nobody is perfect.

Remember the Alamo Rick and "the state of Cain in the modern world!" Don't forget, the Alamo was a Franciscan chapel long before it was ever a fort. There's a little history for you Texas.


Matthew "Houston" R. Dunnigan