Have you ever wonder how people can have wireless Internet connectivity at home? †A wireless Internet connection is having the ease to connect to†the Internet without the use of cables. This article, will explain how you can setup your own wireless Internet connection at home.

Setting up a wireless Internet connection at home will require the following equipment: operating system that supports wireless networking, a broadband connection to the Internet, a wireless router and a laptop or desktop with a wireless adapter.

The first step to take is, making sure that your Internet connection and your DSL/Cable modem are working. You can simply accomplish this by opening your browser and checking to see if you have Internet access.

The second step is, connecting the wireless router to the DSL/Cable modem. Unplug the Ethernet cable that is connected into your computer coming from the DSL/Cable modem and plug that cable into your wireless router on the Internet port located at the back end.

The third step is, to configure the wireless router. Connect your computer via an Ethernet cable to one of the ports located in the back of your router. Open up your browser and access the routerís configuration page by typing the URL of the web based configuration page.

The URL and required login information should be provided to you inside the box where your router came in. Once inside the configuration page, two very important things should be change.

The first thing is, to locate and change the SSID broadcast name of your router. Your SSID should be unique since it may overlap with other SSIDís around your area. For example, letís say that you leave your default SSID name and another neighbor in your area decides to do the same. Your computer may have conflict connecting to your router since it will pick up both connections broadcasting the same SSID.

The second thing is, to block your wireless connection with a WI-FI protected password. WPA or WPA2 are the best choice to block your wireless connection from anyone accessing your network. After doing these two things make sure to save your changes. Thatís all there is to setting up your own secure wireless Internet connection.†

With this setup you will be able to connect other devices into your wireless network such as TVís, phones, gaming consoles, and IPods.