When I was a kid we would always look forward to the summertime. I know what you are saying, "What kid doesn't," right? But what we specifically looked forward to were the, "Snow Shacks," that would open up all across town as soon as it started to warm up. "Snow Shacks" are little huts where you can get made-to-order snow cones; a wonderful shaved ice treat topped with your choice of flavored syrup.They have a rainbow of syrup flavors to choose from. You can combine as many as you like in any way that you like. Throughout the years they even found new ways to spice them up by giving the option to add ice cream in the bottom, or cream on top.

However, only in Texas would they think to "spice up" their snow cones, or should I say, "Raspas," with chili powder, or a variety of other odd toppings. How did this idea even come about in the first place? Normally one wouldn't think to combine sugar-doused ice with a popular cooking spice. Another mystery is the diced pickles. I personally despise pickles so I will not be trying this one any time soon but even if I did like pickles, a sugar syrup and pickle combo doesn't sound too appetizing. Perhaps someone was going for the sweet and sour thing here?

Also, what is Chamoy and what is Lucas? There are so many words on the side of that Raspa cart (one being raspa) I have never seen before. It's a good thing I've made a couple local friends to help me when I order. Snow cones have gotten a little too complicated down here in Texas if you ask me.

One thing I love about living in South Texas is you don't have to wait until the summer for the, "Snow Shacks" to start popping up. They can be out all year long! It's always snow cone season here; even if the snow cones in Texas seem to have gotten a little crazy compared to the ones from my childhood. One day I will have to venture out of my comfort zone and add a bit of chili powder and Chamoy to my favorite childhood treat and see how I react.

Corinne recently moved from Utah to Texas and enjoys pointing out the funny things she notices that are "Only in Texas." You can contact her with comments & questions at onlyintexascolumn@gmail.com.