Dear Marcie,

My Mother is young at heart and full of life, but she insists on dressing like a teenager (I myself being 16). I should be thrilled that my mother and I can wear the same size clothes. My friends make comments that my mom dresses too young and I get totally embarrassed. She's always raiding my closet and she's always trying to be the life of the party. How should I approach my mom without hurting her feelings?

Forever 21

Dearest Forever 21:

Momma Drama 101: Father Time can be our worst enemy and outrunning him can quite easily become a full time marathon. And running we are, especially with the arrival of the "cougar" on the scene with claws bared and ready to pounce. I, along with the rest of the female population, have grown up with an endless array of fashion magazines thrust in my face, at times admiring the glamour and allure of it all. They make fashion look so chic with colorful and bold "statement" outfits that NO human being should be caught alive wearing outside of a photo shoot or catwalk. While we may get older, the magazines are still at the grocery register and the girls on the cover just get younger. We long to get back that playful youthfulness and stake our territory among the young and upcoming trendsetters lest our middle-age tushes go unnoticed, un-admired and left back in the dark ages.

And while we are young we go through ever-changing transformations, endlessly searching for that unique style we call our very own. We seek the fashionista within, waiting for the day we declare: WORLD TAKE NOTICE! See the sheer brilliance of my ensemble! Don't be too quick to judge. It could be that life robbed your mother of the luxury of this self-discovery of style during the adolescent years. Perhaps she's playing catch-up, seeking out her own signature look and using you and your friends as a source of inspiration. NEWS FLASH: This is flattery at the highest- YOU are the trend alert!!

Best advice: be mindful of your mother's feelings and communicate yours to her while having fun and, at the same time, strengthening your mother and daughter bond. Yes, that's right: SHOPPING SPREE! YAY!! Embracing the craziness is more effective than fighting a losing battle. Gone are the days when it may have appeared that your mom stepped out of an episode of the Brady Bunch. Be creative. For instance, you and the girls can devise a plan to be the stars of your very own "What NOT to Wear." Modernize your new trendy mom (age appropriate, of course) with all the fabulous finds to make her look and feel amazingling scrumptious. She'll feel and start looking like a diva and maybe you'll experience yet another inspirational moment of your own along the way. Heck, you might even venture out and sport that insanely bold outfit ripped straight from the pages of Vogue. It's only a matter of time before it's called eccentric. Work it GIRL!