. . . and he hasn't hit ground yet.

Humpty (funny name) made this last jump all the way from 6500 up to about 12,900 and now has made another jump down to 10,600. Where will he jump next?

All the experts know. Well, each expert thinks he knows and is willing to tell you. Some say the next jump will be past the previous high and others say he (Humpty) is going to fall immediately to a newer low point.

We, and I mean all us 401K people, can live with this small crack down to 10,600, but if the fall continues to 6500 there will only be scrambled eggs.

Our government says they are going to take care of us. They want to make the U.S. more like Europe. Does that mean we will have riots because their government is giving them less and less?

Our original Constitution was (and I hope still is) based on the idea man can rule himself. Most of the world governments are based on the idea that governments must tell its people what to do and when to do it.

Our Humpty Dumpy stock market seems to be saying that central government is not such a great idea. Each U.S. citizen is allowed "opportunity". Some choose not to exercise their ability. And that is OK. His choice, not the government's.

The one solution to getting Humpty up is to find him a job. Those in Washington either are too dumb or don't want America to be the successful place it has been for 200 years. Why does everyone in the world want to come here and not to some European or Asian country?

When men are allowed to start their own business and to profit from their own labor it instills pride and creates wealth for the nation. He should not have to give half of his labor to someone who has not earned it.

Allowing men to keep what they earn is what gives Humpty Dumpty the strength to jump to new heights.

Putting lead weights called taxes in Humpty's pockets keeps him from jumping higher. Another is restrictive clothing called regulations. The more of these the central government puts on him the greater the chance of scrambled eggs.

The U.S. is the only place where the original idea was that man can govern himself. The less central control the better for the people. This is a proven fact as history has shown. Let's help Humpty up....

.... unless you want to change it?


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