There’s a girl in school that I like. Every day we talk and do work together. I think she’s the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I don’t know if she likes me more than other boys. How can you tell if the girl likes you back?



Dear Confused,

Confidence is key. Be yourself. Don’t rush things. A girl will let it be known if she’s interested once she feels like she may have sparked interest in someone. Watch her actions and reflexes. They can be a dead giveaway. We girls wear our hearts on our sleeve. Keep an eye out for the slightest touch on your shoulder, her repeated laughter prompted by even your lamest jokes, or perhaps a sudden interest in your hobbies. If and when she decides she’s interested, TRUST ME YOU’LL KNOW IT. And relax. Young courtship is fun, exciting and can leave you with fond memories that will last a lifetime.


I go to a school that has two classes per grade level. Of the two, I happen to be in the one that doesn’t get to have as much fun. Example: the other students get to do more non-work activities and the teacher lets them out early on almost a daily basis. My teacher is strict and doesn’t let us do anything of the sort. Is there anything we can do to get our teacher to let up?

Saddened student


Dear student,

In the long run, what you think might not be “fun” will lead you to reap the benefits of the success you reach from having endured the sternness of your teacher and actually developing a work ethic. Your teacher is sticking to rules. She leads by example. She could do less work, and still get paid the same. I commend her for leading our children in the right direction. Do you really feel as though the other students are getting a better education? I wouldn’t think so. Later on down the road, you will look back and be thankful for her having “taught” you.