Over the next three days, we will be keeping a journal of our trip to Joplin. "The McAllen 7" include Rolando Garza, Yvette Correa, Vivian Tamez, Linda Babauta, Daniel Garcia, Zeke Gonzalez ... and me! The Weather Channel indicates strong thunderstorms are expected in Joplin, so we would appreciate your prayers for a safe journey. We want to thank all of you who have donated awesome children's and young adult books, made donations, prayed for the people of Joplin and prayed for us. It is amazing to see the love continue for the people of Joplin.

We are scheduled to land at 3:05. We'll pick up our rental car and head to the Joplin mayor's office to deliver a gift from McAllen Mayor Richard Cortez. It will be a quick delivery so we can get right to work helping Joplin teachers get their rooms set up for the new school year. Despite everything they've been through, Joplin Supt. Dr. CJ Huff said they WILL start school on time.

It is a time of healing and a time for the community (locally and even the South Texas community) to come together to spread love.

Thanks for taking this journey with us.


UPDATE, 4:38 p.m.

The "eagle" (American Eagle) has landed safely in Joplin. Thank you for your prayers. Weather.com indicated severe thunderstorms throughout the day;however we flew through clear skies. We landed at 3:00 and by 3:45 the lightening was decorating the sky. It's 430 and we are dropping off Mayor Cortez's gift with Joplin Mayor Mike Woolston. Then were headed to the mall where the 11th and 12th grade campuses will be. More later from Joplin.