Filet mignon can hold its own at any dinner party. But when topped with rich and savory pate and wrapped in flaky puff pastry, this classic beef steak goes from delicious to divine!

With a short ingredient list, Deb Crane of Eagle, WI loves preparing this recipe for guests. You can purchase canned pate, or Deb has her own recipe for homemade mushroom pate she likes to use, as her time permits.

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Individual Beef Wellingtons

"This is one of my go-to recipes when hosting a dinner party"

Deb Crane

Eagle, WI (pop. 5,674)

What You Need

2 filet mignons, about

1-in thick

salt and pepper to


1 small can pate

1 pkg frozen puff

pastry shells or

dough (Pepperidge


1 egg beaten with 1

tablespoon milk or



Thaw puff pastry. Season filets with salt and pepper. On a board, roll out 2 puff pastry shells (or if using sheets, roll out the sheet) cutting a round big enough to encase each filet.

Spread the pate on top of each filet. Wrap the filets in puff pastry, pate side down so the seams are on the bottom of each wrapped filet. Seal the edges with the egg mixture. Brush egg mixture all over pastry to give a glossy sheen. Roll out another sheet of pastry. Cut out shapes you desire to decorate each wrapped filet. Brush again with egg mixture.

Bake the wrapped filets on cookie sheet in a preheated 375 degree oven for about 20 minutes, or until pastry is golden brown.

Submitted by: Deb Crane, Eagle, WI (Pop. 5,674)

2011 Just A Pinch Recipe Club. Used by Permission.