It's another beautiful week in the Rio Grande Valley . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!! For the month of November, I SEE YOU has been sharing the things you are thankful for. I truly appreciate the responses that came in from everyone and I thank YOU!


EVA RODRIGUEZ - For everything! My family, parents, sisters, brother, good health, great job, and excellent boss. But as a MOTHER of four amazing children, my greatest gratitude is for my family for the smiles and laughter my family shares, the feel of their strength and love when their arms wrap around me, the trust in their eyes, the harmony and joy in their faces and for the simple fact that they are alive. Life has thrown us some curves, but many blessings; I've won the jackpot of life! Everything else is secondary...

KATHY REAVIS - For our health & the Lord's many blessings, but especially for the wonderful little grandbaby God blessed us with.

MARIAN & SHAWN SWANBERG - For the arrival of our son, Byron, this year! :)

NORMA ORTIZ - To have my Only child, Trinity Acord! I've never been able to carry another pregnancy & I thank God He let me have such a beautiful, healthy, 6 yr. old daughter that I can provide for!

FRED RODRIGUEZ - For my health, I thank God for my wife that He has given me, and all my children. I am also blessed with my outdoor TV show the Texas Sportsman and I am thankful for all my sponsors. In all, I thank God everyday for my ability to help others. And I am thankful for my parents they taught me and raised me the right way and my family means so much to me.

TERRI & DENNIS BURLESON - For our two beautiful grandsons and many blessings received this year!

ZINNIA ELIZONDO - A healthy daughter...friendships...and a loving, giving, patient husband who makes sure the Lord is first in our family!

MARIANNA WRIGHT - For the health of those I love, and for the promise each new day brings.

MATT CROCKER - For awesome kids, new family, and great friends.

HEATHER TOMLINSON - A healthy family, 2 beautiful children and wonderful husband...God is SO good!

RAQUEL BELTRAN - For my family, my job and my health.

MIKE PEREZ - For my health, my family, my friends, and my job...Can't wait to get started in 2012.

MONICA GUERRA - Friends, family, health, God's mercy, first year of recovery.

LINDA & TODD ROBERTS - For the Lord placing the doctors that touched Todd in our path to solving his health issue, and for blessing the (heart) surgeon's hands. So thankful for the advanced medical technology that has helped heal so many.

JENNIFER LEWIS - For a large, healthy family that I get to see often because we all live here!

DANIEL SILVA - For all of God's grace and generosity. He has blessed me with a beautiful family, great job, and wonderful city to live and work in (Mission).

KAREN WALLACE - To still have my mother with me, my children, health, and friends. For the wonderful life I have and live.

ANNA GARZA - For all of the blessings from God, a job that allows me to teach and inspire young people, my health, and the love and support of my family and friends.

CHERIE STIERS - A closer relationship with God.

MICHELE WHALEN - For is the Bruno lift in my van that lets me get my power chair in and out of the van. Without this device I would be dependent on others for so many things.

GRACIELA LUNA - for so many things, but my first is my health-that's my main priority, because without health, we can't do anything. Thankful to have all these children everyday (in my daycare business) and for their parents, it's a blessing for me. My husband, Benito, my two sons, Ben and Fernando, and my daughter, Grisel.

MARIA E SAENZ - 1994 UTMB staff at Galveston, breast cancer survivor and Alicia Guerrero for prayer blanket and for people returning my lost purse. God Bless.

KAREN PETERSON - For a healthy and loving family. I've seen so many medical miracles this year and I'm thankful for that. My family of dear friends are a true blessing and I am very grateful. God has been good to us and for that I cannot thank Him enough!

JARED LEADBETTER - For wonderful parents, the ability to always find goodness in this crazy world and, my best friend: my daughter Victoria!

PEDRO CORTEZ - for the LORDS' gift of UNDERSTANDING...The UNDERSTANDING to be on the lookout to share HIS mercy, kindness, and goodness with people...The UNDERSTANDING I must aim for kindness and seek to do good...The UNDERSTANDING I need to be kind to people even when they don't deserve it... The UNDERSTANDING I need to walk in love and be courteous even when somebody is unkind to me...THANK YOU LORD FOR THE GIFT OF UNDERSTANDING!!!

NANCY COMER - For our precious family. I'm so thankful for the giggles, the tiny feet splashing in puddles, the tea parties, the pigtails that are so cute, the princesses in denim and camo, the wagon and tractor rides, the pouffy dresses, the time playing games, the all American little and big boys! I'm thankful for our teenage grandkids that text me! I'm just thankful for the treasure of each moment we are all together. I know I've been blessed, it's been a year full of giving thanks.

JEAN GEARHART says: "That I got to get to you know more this year and that I have one more special, strong woman in my life!" Oh, Jean...flattery will get you everywhere!! :)

Finally, I think VERONICA CANTU said it best...

"This Thanksgiving I am thankful for every experience, large and small, that has come my way. As I've grown older, I've learned to give thanks to very things that once made me crazy: Cranky children, an untidy kitchen, too much laundry, a to-do list that never gets completely marked off, a stack of thank you notes that I didn't finish, the messages I've yet to return and the meetings, parties, appointments, that fill my calendar.

All of those things mean only one thing: I have a great life!

God blessed me with daughters who feel safe and happy at home, so they make messes and scatter toys and fight with each other because they trust and feel loved and know that no matter what at the end of the day, they will be tucked in at night, with a prayer and a good night kiss. All of my housework only means that I am blessed with a home filled with probably more than we ever really need so I must give thanks for all that we have in it. The thank you notes I never finish only mean that I have incredible thoughtful and generous friends and family who think of us; what a priceless blessing that is!

I'm so thankful for all of life's chaos that tends to make me feel like I'm losing my sanity more times than not; but if I just change my perspective they are all truly blessings in disguise, and therefore I give thanks."

Well said, Veronica!!!!

Wishing belated birthday wishes to Breidi Toney, Benito Luna, Guadalupe Rodriguez, and Selee Ranchos Saenz. Also celebrating this month was Lois Ellison, celebrating her 90th birthday on November 11th! Lois's daughter, Susie Ellison, celebrated on the 13th. Hope your birthdays were great - sorry I am late!

Celebrating birthdays this week were Chef James Canter, Dago Rivera, Nancy Dillard and Kelly (McClendon) Harris from Monday, while Thelma Lopez and Pam Holloway celebrated yesterday. Today's birthdays include Cindy Young and Kristine Decallos. Jessica Lopez, Tisha Dahlberg, and Darla Elizondo are the turkeys that have birthdays tomorrow, while Michael Burleson, Kristen Greenhill, and Erika Noble celebrate Friday.....and weekend birthday wishes include: Hugo Cruz and Susie Miller! Happy Birthday, y'all!!

I wish you love & blessings in the coming week and I hope to "see you" soon!


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