It's another beautiful week in the Rio Grande Valley . . .

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday that was complete with family, friends, food, and fun! With the month of December knocking at our door, it's definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! From now until the New Year, I See You will be highlighting your favorite Christmas/holiday traditions: favorite holiday rituals, Christmas memories, special ways of ringing in the New Year, etc. I am already enjoying learning about the unique and special ways you celebrate! Send your submissions to Enjoy!

ROXANNA SALINAS - Favorite holiday tradition: making tamales with my mom and sister. We all gather in the kitchen and my mom supervises. My job is to spread the masa on the corn husk. It's all I know how to do out of the entire process so I am now a professional and very clean. We sit around the kitchen table for hours talking as dozens and dozens of tamales are made for our family to enjoy during the holiday season or share with friends.

APRIL FLOWERS - My favorite tradition is working at the Make A Wish Christmas party. Not only is it fun, but some of the most amazing, resilient people I have met in life have been introduced to me at this party. I admire these wonderful children and their beautiful families, and every year, I am humbled by their incredible spirit.

KRISTINA SILVA - My mom and I (just the two of us) open gifts together on Christmas Eve. We try to stay up until midnight before we do that. It's been a tradition every year!

JANICE DUDLEY - Holiday tradition: Everyone gets new underwear and socks!

PATTY KLEMENT - Every Christmas I write my children a love letter peppered with sound advice. When the world of "hard knocks" comes bearing down, they will have a reminder of how much they are loved and how strong they are.

AMY BOOTH - My grandmother (aka LuLu) used to tell all the grandkids that at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, all animals could talk. So we always tried to stay up late to hear what our dogs/cats would tell us but we never could make it.

JIM BOB SIDES - We look forward to our stocking stuffers (shopping & receiving) and we have steak for our Christmas meal because we're tired of turkey by this time!

DANIELLE REED - My favorite Christmas tradition is having my mom's homemade Eggs Benedict after we open our stockings. We've done this every year since I was born.

ANNA GARZA - I have been spending Christmas Eve at Lowell & Pat Hudsonpillar's home the last couple of years. The best part is shopping for Christmas stocking fillers (to help Santa). Christmas morning the stockings are "miraculously" filled and laid out. Everyone contributes and unpacking is the best part. Even the dogs have their own personalized stockings!

JEANNE MOSELEY - We go listen to my mother play the organ at the Christmas Eve service at the church we all grew up in. Then we come home and the whole extended family eats tamales and chili from Mark's dad's recipe. The chili is so hot your toenails curl! It takes Mark all day to cook it!

Wishing belated birthday wishes to Frances Metcalf from November 23rd. Hope your birthday was great - sorry I am late!

Celebrating birthdays this week were Terry (Graham) Hightower, Connie Alderman (from Rio Grande City), Brandi (Brisnahan) Dyer, Vanessa Chang and Liz Dombi from Monday, while Andrew Phillips, Deana Hettler, Nicci (Grossman) Weaver and Olivia Vickers celebrated yesterday. Today's birthdays include Julie Lara, Ruthie Person, and Robert Smith. Tricia Drefke has her birthday tomorrow, while Rudy Montalvo and Erin Knipp celebrate Friday.....and weekend birthday wishes include: Eva Pape, Bonnie Smith, Rene Castellanos, Judy Houts, Marisa Sada, Kimberly Gossett and sweet Kandy Reed! Happy Birthday, y'all!!

I wish you love & blessings in the coming week and I hope to "see you" soon!

? Heather

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