It's another beautiful week in the Rio Grande Valley . . .

Oh, the places we will go . . .

I'm asking folks about their summer plans (past and future) and getting some great responses. If you don't see yours in this week, stay tuned in the coming weeks, as I'll be sharing all the fun things you're doing throughout the summer!! Email me at with your favorite summer adventures and plans!

Jennifer LaGrange Davenport recounts, "When I think back to summers as a child, I think of going to SPI, and when I'd ask, "How much longer?" My mom would tell me, "Just one more Sesame Street." Now John and I take our kids to the beach each summer, and when they ask how much longer, we tell them, "Two more Doras." But, now they're actually watching them in the car! Summers also always mean trips to grandparents, Vacation Bible School, and swimming -- lots and lots of swimming."

Victoria Martinez says her family has plans to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, to celebrate her mother's 50th birthday. Happy (early) Birthday to Josie Martinez!

Ashley Curran shares: "My husband, (Eric) the kids and I are all on our way to the Cayman Islands for six days along with another 14 adults and 15 kids, to celebrate Joe Garzonie's 40th birthday. The group is comprised of Joe & Charity Garzonie, Brent & Melissa Baldree, Craig & Linda Blackwell, Brandon & Flo Henderson, John & Tina McIntyre, Jay & Susana Cortez, and one of Charity's friends from Austin, Stacy Hawthorne and her new fiancé. All the families will be staying at Treasure Island Condominiums right on the beach and right at the edge of seven-mile beach Georgetown. Along with lots of laying on the beach, there are lots of great activities planned throughout the week. Each day we have an optional excursion planned such as offshore fishing, scuba diving, or a trip into town for shopping. One of the days we rented a 40-foot boat to take all of us to sting ray city, where you can snorkel with and feed sting rays, and then take us to rum point where the kids can hunt for big star fish and sand dollars while the adults drink rum punch on the beach. The last night of the trip we have a group dinner planned at a great restaurant in town that sits on a large pier where you can feed the tarpon by hand. We are all looking forward to spending time together, having lots of adventures, and just relaxing a bit with a great view."

Teresa & John Hunter have plans to celebrate John's birthday in Vegas and have tickets to Cirque du Soleil shows Mystere and Ka.

April & TJ Flowers and Rita & JP Lopez just returned from a fabulous cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martin.

Alfredo Monentaro is excited to soon be spending 10 days at the island with his family.

Ashley & Andrew Pape and family have plans to enjoy a week at SPI and will also head to their cabin in the hill country.

Rubi & Carlos Yzaguirre have already enjoyed a great family trip to the island and also have plans to venture to the hill country for a family reunion.

Sue Ellen & Ward Thomas and family have a Griswold Family Vacation this summer, with stops in Phoenix, Puerto Vallarta, West Coast, Vegas, and ultimately a cruise to Cozumel for Sue Ellen with 25 sorority sisters!

Newlywed Denise Garcia Thieme reports that she and her hubby, Ken, will be headed to Nantucket, Massachussetts for their "long overdue honeymoon" after a summer spent in San Antonio.

Marissa Wingate is quite the jetsetter and has been to Phoenix, rode horses with her family in Vail, caught a Cubs game and the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, and hit South Beach in Miami. The rest of the summer will feature trips to San Diego (including a trip to the zoo with her sweet niece), and a trip to Hawaii. She also reports enjoying many weekends wakeskating in New Braunfels and watching UT baseball games in Austin.

Samantha Barnett is headed to Africa next month for a wedding. Wow!

Jamie & Franky Enriquez will be going on a fun roadtrip to Chicago to visit Frank's family.

Abby & Jed Murray and family are headed to California to see Jed's parents, his 92-year-old grandmother in Los Angeles, then on to Disneyland, Yosemite, and Monterey Bay, Calif.

Javi Barerra, self-proclaimed "travel addict," tells me that he just returned from France and New York, and also has trips to the Dominican Republic and Hawaii on his calendar for this year.

Lisa Keller spent the second week of June working on the Mission Service Project with 9 teenagers and Pastor Bill Dukes out on the northwest side of Mission. "Great experience," says Lisa!

As for birthdays for this week...

Belated birthday wishes this week go to RuthAnn Jones, Myra Baker AND her hubby Bill Baker, who shared birthdays on Monday. Joe Garzonie and Tom Stocker celebrate Tuesday, while Heather Tomlinson, Rey Rivera, and Cindy Cavazos celebrate their birthdays today! Mother and daughter Pat Hudsonpillar and Kristin Hudsonpillar York have birthdays tomorrow, while Royce Countryman celebrates Friday ... and weekend birthday wishes include: Dena Shirley-Guidry, Audrey Williamson and John Putz! Happy Birthday everyone!!

I wish you love & blessings in the coming week and I hope to "see you" soon!


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