In a restaurant, trying something new is perfectly acceptable. You may like it and add it to your must have list or you may not like it and never order it again. Either way, you know.

In business "trying" is a path to failure. Trying is implying failure because, to try, lacks commitment. When you commit you are buying-in and unleashing your determination to make a success of your new chosen project. All to often when someone says they are going to try, the outcome is already in question. Simply trying gives them the path to an easy-out by allowing them to say; "At least I tried." So what? We do not need non-committed individuals in the business world. Either take a stand and say, I will or say I will not. Do not take the position that you are going to try. There is not time for try, there is plenty of time for "I will."

When you make the commitment to making something happen there is a gathering of unseen forces within you that align and provide strength and determination moving you toward a favorable outcome. To commit means that you are not going to try it means that you are going to DO.

There will be times when you realize that the endeavor might not succeed as planned and that may be the time to cut your losses. Yes, there is a difference in cutting your losses and saying; "At least I tried." Cutting your losses often means that circumstances beyond your control have changed. You didn't stop trying because you never were trying, you were in the process of doing when things changed. That is perfectly acceptable and understandable. Move on to the next endeavor, but don't try, DO!