There is more of an art to making effective presentations than there is a science. You surely must focus on presenting the facts and to a large extent let the facts do the talking. The fine art of presenting includes several vital components that will help to make you a very effective presenter and effective presenters are more successful at whatever their chosen careers. Sales people need to be effective presenters if they are going to help prospects and clients fully understand the value of their proposition. There is only one way to get better at presenting and that is to make more presentations. Start by making the presentation to yourself, in front of a mirror. Score your presentation based on:

1. How much of a command do you have of what you are proposing?

If you stumble through the facts, you need to acquire a deeper knowledge of your offer. Clients and prospects do not need to dedicate time to helping you get a better grasp of your offering. Know before you go.

2. Are you fluid without being too slick.

Decision makers will be interested in your presentation if it makes sense on a step by step basis. It must be fluid, but it cannot be slick to the point of being cavalier or disengaged.

3. Is there clarity?

One of the biggest mistakes is to assume people will understand simply because you do. People need time to process what you're saying while you visually present, so don't assume they understand enough to make a positive decision without your help in delivering a clear message.

4. Are you allowing time during your presentation for questions.

In acting they call it, dramatic pause. That is the time between dialogue that is given so the audience can fully digest the point being made. You need to pace yourself and pause during the presentation so you can give the person the time to process what you just said.

5. Do you exhibit a professional image?

You must be professional in your dress and the hard-copy documents you leave behind and very professional during the presentation.

These are only a few of the artistic things you need to consider while you endeavor at becoming a great and effective presenter. Practice by presenting to yourself and others in the controlled environment of your team.