There is more than one way to do things, but more often than not, there is one way that is better than all of the others.

Experience is a great teacher and doing things the wrong way, will often get you the experience you need to do things right. Socrates said" What we have to learn to do we learn by doing."

Just do it. We have all heard and seen that tag for a while now but perhaps we do not really appreciate the gravity of just how important it is to just get moving, even if it is in the wrong direction. I assure you that soon enough, you will figure out if you are doing it right or not and you can adjust accordingly.

Today, I was attending a board of directors meeting and a topic of discussion was if we should or not should, as a board, take on a big, first-time (for us) project. My position was, after considering the ramifications, was that we should just do it.

We would learn how to do things right because we would have to commit to "not doing it wrong." Simple enough, but doing things right requires a commitment. Make a commitment today!