A good friend of mine was in the sales business. At the time of this story he shared with me, he was in the advertising sales business working at a newspaper where his Father was the editor.

One evening at dinner with his Mother and Father he was complaining about how terrible sales were. He was not making his goal, clients were too unreasonable, prices were too high, he could not get appointments with decision makers, the competition was stiff and no one in the newspaper was willing to help. His Father listened patiently to this tirade and then said; "I have found in my rather lengthy newspaper career, that if people aren't buying, that usually means that no one is selling." My friend said that changed his whole disposition and outlook on his sales career.

Selling is not an easy endeavor and yes there are many reasons why people do not buy. But for every reason there is for not buying, there is a reason to buy. Your mission is to discover why people aren't buying and then give them factual reasons to buy. If you spend your time mulling over the reasons that someone is not buying, you are looking in the wrong direction. Focus on the reasons why people should buy from you and look at the issue from the client's perspective.

If people are not buying that means that someone is not selling.