Take a few minutes and consider those things in life that bother you that really shouldn't. We all have our list of these things and here are few for your consideration.

1. People that do not reset the microwave oven timer.

2. That speedy driver that races down the street, passing you, only to have you right next to them at the very next traffic light.

3. People that call and dive into their information delivery without asking if you have time to listen.

4. People that do not refill the paper in the copier.

The list could go on and on.

Let's take a look at a few things in sales that should not bother you and a few things that should:

1. People that do not return phone calls.

It shouldn't really bother you if people do not return your calls. They probably do not return anyones calls. What should bother you is if you don't make enough phone calls.

2. People that don't make time for you.

People are busy and unless they understand the value of devoting some of their time to you, you will not make much progress. What should bother you is if you do not understand the value you represent well enough to encourage others to give you some of their valuable time.

3. Prospects that say no to your proposal.

Most "no's" stem from a lack of understanding so when a prospect says no, they are typically saying, "I don't have enough information." If what you are selling can indeed help the prospect then it is a matter of time before you or your competitor get the order. However if you are getting a no because there really is no need, move on. What should really bother you and keep you up at night is that you are not getting to enough qualified prospects thereby never giving enough people the opportunity to tell you no.

4. People that say your stuff is too expensive.

Many people do not understand the value you offer so you are always, initially, going to be too expensive. It shouldn't bother you when someone makes the broad statement that what you are selling costs too much. What should bother you is if you are not equipped to demonstrate your value. If you cannot factually support your considerable value, then you are overpriced and overpaid. The issue is NEVER price. The issue is ALWAYS value.

5. No one is buying from you.

People do not buy unless they are sold. People either sell themselves or someone does the selling to them. It really should not bother you if people are not buying, but what should shake you to your sales-foundation is not getting in front of enough qualified prospects.

Don't let things bother you that have no bearing on the foundation of your current and growing success.