University Theatre Productions at The University of Texas - Pan American presents Henrik Ibsen’s masterpiece of modern realism, Hedda Gabler. It is set to play at the Albert L. Jeffers Theatre at the corner of University Drive and Sugar Road in Edinburg, March 4 through 8.

Enter the world of secrets, intrigues, and disappointments; enter the world of a nineteenth century woman. Hedda Gabler is a woman entrapped in middle-class society with an unwanted pregnancy. The repressive social norms that suffocate her lead not only to Hedda’s own demise, but to her taking down others with her.

The play first opened in Germany in the winter of 1891, with Clara Heese as Hedda, and in countless productions since then has become established as a classic of modern realism.

The play’s success rests on a strong actress who can win over the audience to the side of Hedda in the end. Hedda Gabler became Henrik Ibsen’s most popular play in performance with such talented actresses as Cate Blanchett and Mary-Louise Parker portraying Hedda Gabler.

Valley audiences can see the production for a fraction of the price that Broadway audiences are currently paying to see the same play on Broadway. Mary-Louise Parker is playing the part of Hedda right now, with ticket prices that run above $100 each. The UTPA production is free to faculty and students, and prices for the general public run from $3 to $12 each.

The character Hedda Gabler has been dubbed “The Female Hamlet.” Hers is a complicated personality, and it is not always easy to see her as a victim. There is more to Hedda than what the other characters perceive, and the play in performance reveals much more than what is found in the dialogue alone.

The performance of Ibsen’s great masterpiece runs at 8 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, with a 2 p.m. Sunday matinee.

No children below the third grade will be admitted.

For reservations or more information, call the University Theatre box office at 956-381-3581.