South Texas College’s Library Art Gallery Program is proud to present “Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books” (MIMB), an internationaltravelling exhibition featuring a collection of 141 hand-made miniature artists’ books. The exhibit opened Thursday, June 18 at STC’s Nursing and Allied Health Campus Library Art Gallery located at 1101 E. Vermont Ave., McAllen. Admission is free and open to the public. The exhibit will be open through Friday, September 4, 2009.

The miniature books were created in an edition of six by artists from the U.S., Korea, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, India, Pakistan, the U.K., Canada, Mauritius, and Argentina.

“The books range from complicated structures, poems, humorous texts, tointricate drawings. Many of the books use unconventional materials and innovative bookmaking techniques including relief intaglio, lithograph, silk screen printing, and the newest digital printing processes,” said Hui-Chu Ying, professor from The Myers School of Art at The University of Akron, Ohio and organizer/coordinator for the exhibition.

“Monumental Ideas in Miniature Books” was organized to travel to 46

institutions, including 30 universities in the United States, and 16 international institutions in Finland, Sweden, Argentina, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada, Korea, China, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

“South Texas College is delighted to exhibit this amazing collection of mini books for students and Rio Grande Valley Community members to appreciate,” said Sofia K. Vestweber, STC Library Art Gallery Program assistant.

“The exhibition is a reaction to America’s ‘super size it’ attitude; it’s a qualitative show, even though there are a quantitative amount of works. It’s magnificent in its wealth of multi-tasking processes,” said David Freeman, curator and programs coordinator for STC’s Library Art Gallery Program. “The work showcases superlative design, spanking new personal concepts, way-cool weird science packaging, construction, origami, sewing, stitching, and a multitude of materials are employed that are just as extraordinarily ingenious.

“The concepts are socially and politically relevant today - green, recycled, found, handmade, assembled or mass-produced by hand crank, and the result is a striking testimony to the development of the hand-made book - a beautiful lyrical visual delight that seems to be almost lost in a world of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Come give it a read and be delighted.”

South Texas College’s Library Art Gallery Program exhibits regional, national and international artwork, explores new visions and theories of creativity, and introduces innovative artistic expressions to the South Texas region.