Offices housed at the North San Juan Community Resource Center have moved to new locations.

The W.I.C. clinic, tax office substation, and offices housing the county’s Right of Way Department as well as the Texas A&M promotora program will be affected by these changes, brought on by the finding of mold in two isolated areas of the North San Juan Community Resource Center.

Hidalgo County regrets any inconvenience this may cause to residents accustomed to receiving services at the North San Juan Community Resource Center located at 509 E. Earling Road, San Juan. Services will be available at alternate locations starting Monday at 8 a.m. (For a listing of new locations, see below). The adjacent county park will remain open to the public.

Commissioners’ Court Executive Officer Valde Guerra initiated the relocation of these county offices as a preventative measure to protect the health of all employees working at this location and the health of the visiting public. On July 27, Separation Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSCI) returned results of an indoor air quality test indicating “the presence of mold growing in and/or around the W.I.C. waiting room and south wall, the east hallway outside of the tax office, and tax office waiting room.”

There was no visible mold growth, according to SSCI. The mold species was identified as Stachybotrys, which is known to produce mycotoxins that can have a wide range of affects on human health depending on the length of exposure and volume of spores inhaled or ingested. Some symptoms include fatigue or headache, fever, irritation to the eyes, mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat, sneezing, rashes and chronic coughing.

While the mold is confined to two very specific areas, the county is taking proactive actions to ensure that employees and the public will not become exposed to it. The mold is believed to have been caused by water damage incurred on the building after Hurricane Dolly.

The remediation process will commence as soon as possible to ensure that residents continue to have access to services provided at the community center. A removal plan is currently being formulated. Hidalgo County appreciates residents for their patience while it works to restore services in this area.

New Office Locations (as of 8 a.m. Monday, Aug. 3)

W.I.C. Clinic - to co-locate with existing clinic at 313 E. Business 83, Suite 113, Alamo, Texas 78516 Phone: 956-783-5369

Tax Office - Precinct 2 Multipurpose Center at 1429 S. Tower Road, Alamo, Texas 78516 Phone: 956-784-3505

Additional tax office substations are available as well, including the Edinburg, McAllen and Weslaco locations. Residents with questions may call the main tax office phone number at 956-318-2157 or 956-318-2158.

Right of Way Department - Pct. 3 office (Longoria Mansion) 2401 N. Moorefield Road, Mission, Texas 78572

Texas A&M Promotora program - Precinct 2 Multipurpose Center at 1429 S. Tower Road, Alamo, Texas 78516 Phone: 956-784-3505.