It’s official! On April 8, The Senate of the State of Texas issued a proclamation designating the RGV Cookoff at PalmFest aka The Fajita Cookoff and The BBQ Cookoff, as a State Championship Cookoff.

Here is what Lynn Shivers, of the International BBQ Cookers Association has to say about this and what it means for the Teams that compete in this event.

“Being a State Champion will create another draw for your event — the Grand Champion will be invited to the American Royal Invitational, Kansas City, Mo. and their name will also be put into the lottery draw for the Jack Daniels Invitational, Lynchburg, Tenn.”

“The Jack Daniels event is the hardest event to get into because you have to qualify and then be drawn from the draw of all of the Texas qualifier events Grand Champion,” he added. “Congratulations on getting your Proclamation.”

And if that was not enough, the Cookoff organizers with the help of PalmFest will guarantee $10,000 in prize money this year. These two incentives are certain to achieve the goal of 100 teams in this year’s event scheduled for October 3 and 4 at the McAllen Convention Center.

To enter the Cookoff At Palmfest, go to www.RGVCOOKOFF.COM” www.RGVCOOKOFF.COM or call the Cookoff hotline at 956-682-5566.