McALLEN Damian Saenz, president, McAllen North; Charlie Lopez, assistant district 5930 governor; Betty Lara, McAllen North; Colonel Frank Plummer; Brad Benter, president, McAllen South, U.S. Air Force; Bill Hamm, McAllen North; Adam Lara, McAllen Rotary (Mother) Club; Daniel Tanguma, president, McAllen Rotary (Mother) Club. McAllen Centennial Club also contributed.

The area Rotary clubs combined with a matching grand from Rotary District 5930 to present to Colonel Frank Plummer a check for $10,500 for the Spire of Honor. Each club will have a wall on the Spire.

"The Veterans War Memorial of Texas was begun in 1988 on these five acres. There are areas for the wars we've been in and an open area for the future. This 105 foot spire will be granite and completed in December, dedicated on Memorial Day of 2012," said Col. Plummer. "This memorial and spire represents the 1.3 American mem and women killed in all the wars and conflicts we've had. It represents the nations gratitude and is here for future generation."

For additional information on becoming a guardian of the memorial, call 956-631-2511.