Angel Torres of McAllen received the Southwest Family PLUS Inspirational Father Award from Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and the Kimberly-Clark Corporation. As one of only five recipients across the country of this honor, Angel Torres will also receive a generous supply of Family PLUS items and a $250 gift card to the supermarket of his choice. Twenty-three year old Angel Torres is a graduate Together Time, the co-parenting classes offered by the Boys & Girls Club of McAllen’s at the Glen E. & Rita K. Roney Center. He was referred to our Together Time Program, a Family Plus program that provides services to separated and divorcing parents in order to increase access and visitation to children by both parents in the most supportive way possible. It is through this program that he is able to visit with his two year old daughter, Ariel. “Mr. Torres demonstrated commitment to his daughter against difficult odds as a non-custodial parent. We are proud to recognize his example of fatherhood and call attention to the importance of putting children first despite tough family circumstances,” said Laura Reagan Porras, chief professional officer, Boys & Girls Club of McAllen.