Ana Alanis

McAllen, Texas

Passing Health Care Reform is a Historic Victory for all American people and thank you so very much for putting the people first.  I have had my own bad experiences of what can happen to a ill person under the old Health Insurance System ways that system is made to protect the Health Insurance Company's interest's and not the people who really need Real Health Care and the old system has proven to have no compassion for the sick and dying not to mention the loved ones affected by it all too I know me and my loved ones lives have been ruined and scarred forever due to long term illness and not being able to recover properly.  Health Insurance Reform will make a great and positive change for families, seniors, young people, workers, and small businesses alike so we are all victorious in this and will now have the security of knowing that we wont lose the American dream by getting sick or in an accident.

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this and let's all continue to fight against the special interests who have fought for decades to keep families and businesses from controlling their own health care.  God Bless Us All.