The current and past Presidents of Futuro McAllen spoke Thursday night in favor of keeping the Valley's mail sorting center in McAllen and against consolidating it into the Corpus facility.

Current President Davis Rankin and Past President Nedra Kinerk urged a panel of Postal Service executives to leave the McAllen mail processing facility alone and combine the Corpus Christi facility into it, if consolidation is needed, rather than closing the McAllen facility and sending its operations to Corpus.

Both echoed the statements of others at the meeting, that it makes no sense to close the processing center in a dynamic and growing region like the Rio Grande Valley in favor of the smaller and slower growing Corpus Christi.

Also expressed by many was the concern that moving the sorting facility to Corpus will slow down mail within the Valley. The postal service is already moving from a one-to-two day delivery standard to a two-to-three day standard.

The US Postal Service is studying the feasibility of combing processing centers all over America as it tries to make itself leaner and better able to compete with private companies such as UPS and Federal Express. Processing centers sort mail overnight for delivery the next day.

The Postal Service's acting district manager for the Valley, William Mitchell did say the McAllen office is one of the most efficient in the nation.

A spokesman for U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa revealed that the Postal Service is now studying the possibility of combining Corpus' mail processing center into San Antonio, which would leave McAllen alone.

Mitchell also said a reason they are considering moving McAllen operations to corpus is that the Corpus facility is nearly double the size of McAllen and could handle the extra volume while McAllen could not, and they don't have the money to expand McAllen. Perhaps McAllen city officials could consider lending a hand.