The Engine Repower Council strongly supports the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act (HR 1449) to foster a competitive automotive repair industry where car owners, not car companies, decide who repowers or repairs their vehicles.

The Right to Repair Act simply ensures that vehicle owners and their trusted independent repair shops have access to all the information necessary to accurately repair, repower or reprogram today's modern vehicles. Without complete access to critical safety and repair information, motorists will be forced back to the dealer for vehicle service, which may not be convenient or easily accessible to the car owner. Right to Repair would not require car manufacturers to disclose their trade secrets and would not affect the dealer's warranty agreement.

Engine repowering by installing a rebuilt/remanufactured engine is an excellent option for many motorists when their original engine cannot be repaired. A rebuilt/remanufactured engine is as good as or better than the original, extending the life of a vehicle and offering engine performance, cost savings and environmental benefits. Passage of the Right to Repair Act is critical to ensure this option continues to be available to all car owners.

We encourage all vehicle owners to visit to send a letter to each of their congressional representatives urging them to support the Right to Repair Act. For more information on rebuilt/remanufactured engines and those qualified to provide and install them, visit the Engine Repower Council's website at


Ken Carter


Engine Repower Council