This week the Tea

Party Nation founder Judson Phillips sent a message to House

Speaker John Boehner to either make promised cuts to our massive

federal budget or find himself cut out of the pack come the next

election day.  There is no longer any room in the

Republican ranks for RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who have

failed to hear the conservative message of this nation.

We are told one of

Boehner’s great fears is that once deep cuts in the budget are

called for the Democrats will bluster their way into a government

shutdown and the GOP will be blamed.  What he doesn’t

seem to realize is most Americans would welcome a government

shutdown.  The only time we feel safe any more is when

the government isn’t actively messing with our lives.

If House

Republicans don’t know how to cut the fat off a pig, we suggest

they all visit with the average American housewife, who almost

every week of her life is faced with the dilemma of what bills to

pay, what needs within her household can be reduced, and what

shortcuts she must take to feed her family.

One working mother

I know must drive 30 miles one-way to her job every

day.  She told me the high price of gasoline has put

her on a diet that she hadn’t planned to start.  She

has given up lunches to keep her tank filled.

In Texas various

state agencies were asked to cut 3% out of their budget earlier

this year.  Next, they were asked to cut another 10%

from that same budget.  Now the forecasted revenue for

the next two years does not meet anticipated growth and

costs.  It makes no difference; in the Lone Star State

we only spend what we have.  Right now the Legislature

is saying there will be $800 per student less in the education

budget and no growth funding for Medicaid.  When

logical thinking people don’t have the money they make serious cuts

in their budget.  When positive thinking state leaders

see a shortfall in revenue they also cut spending. 

But, Washington still hasn’t learned that lesson.

For a long time

many of us have known we have a Republican leadership corps that

are Jello-spined.  These wishy-washy leaders became

worried about their future when the Tea Party groups started

marching.  When the election was over and most of them

survived, it seems they started thinking it would be business as

usual.  John Boehner and his cronies seem to believe

that can happen without some serious consequences. 

Wrong!  Those Tea Party folks are getting restless

again…and everybody knows what happened the last time they got real


So, Speaker

Boehner…you start by not raising that debt ceiling. 

We have far too much debt already.  The next thing you

do is start making some payment on that debt.  How do

you do that?  We thought you knew…cut spending and use

the Big Axe, not the fingernail clippers!

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel