A presidential straw poll and immigration issues questionnaire was taken at the December 8th McAllen tea party general meeting.

In the Presidential Poll New Gingrich led with 34 percent followed by Ron Paul at 20 percent and Michelle Bachman at 17. Rick Perry came in fourth with 11 percent. Mitt Romney at 6 percent trailed Rick Santorum at 9 percent. Herman Cain still got 3 percent!

On immigration issues, 69 percent of tea partiers disagreed that we only need to worry about the Mexican border. Instead, 94 percent said that all borders need to be secured.

While 94 percent rejected blanket amnesty and 91 percent supported deporting all aliens who committed felonies, 78 percent or more than 3/4ths agreed that illegal's with long and strong community ties should be "legalized" with "red cards" (See Gingrich Plan) without a route to citizenship or any welfare.

This support dropped to 1/3 when the issue of us state tuition for illegal children was brought up.

On key employment to topics 74 percent we need a guest worker program. 87 percent felt that this should be combined with strong sanctions against employers who hire illegals.

Finally, tea partiers agree that many legal Americans choose crime/welfare over hand, dirty but honest work.


Gingrich 34%

Ron Paul 20%

Michelle Bachman 17%

Rick Perry 11%

Mitt Romney 6%

Rick Santorum 9%

Hermain Cain 3%