For the record: Rick Perry started out as a DEMOCRAT, however, he wanted to be Governor of Texas and Texas only elects Republications for Governor, so Rick Perry became a Republican.

Next, in his bid for an unprecedented third term as Governor, he PROMISED that if elected to that third term, he would serve out all four years, and he would NOT run for President of the USA.

Also, as Governor, he sated on the public record, that he and Texas would NOT accept one penny of the stimulus dollars from Washington DC.  However, he did renege and accepted over $17 Billion.  Now he claims that Texas has 'created' over 40% of all the jobs in the USA, more than all the other states combined (40 is NOT larger than 60).  What he fails to tell you, nearly 100% of those jobs "HE Created" are Government jobs, and those that are NOT Government jobs, are minimum wage employee positions.

So Rick Perry?  Simply stated, a typical politician, that,  like my Indian ancestors would say, speaks with a forked tongue.

Walt Greene