KINGSVILLE  – It's been a long hot summer, but it is over for 198 graduates who marched across the stage at the Steinke Physical Education Center on the campus of Texas A&M University-Kingsville Friday, Aug. 5, to receive their degrees.

There were 99 bachelor's degrees, 97 master's degrees and two doctoral degrees given. Two of the graduates were full-time university employees, each receiving a master's degree.

The majority of the members of the summer class of 2011 were from Texas with 162 from the Lone Star State. Eight were from other states and 28 were from other countries when they entered the university. The most frequent county of origin was Kleberg with 26 graduates, followed by Nueces with 25, Hidalgo with 17, Jim Wells and Cameron both with 9. The class was 53 percent female. Fifty-seven percent of the graduating students were minorities.

Of the bachelor's graduates, more than 44 percent entered the university as first-time freshmen while the remaining graduates were transfer students. The average age of those receiving bachelor's degrees was 25. The average age of a master's graduate was 31 and the average age of the doctoral students was 50. The oldest graduate was 60 and the youngest was 20.

The College of Arts and Sciences led the way granting 80 degrees from all levels. It was followed by the College of Education and Human Performance with 44 and the Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering with 34. They were followed by the Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences with 30 graduates and the College of Business Administration had 10 graduates.

This year's keynote speaker was Dr. Demarious Frey, an Austin native who went on to become the first female veterinarian from the university and one of the first from the state. Frey had to leave the state to pursue her vet degree. The only veterinary school in Texas at the time did not accept women so she earned her vet degree from Oklahoma State University in 1963 as one of only four women in the program. After spending two years as a volunteer in the veterinary service in Ethiopia, Frey and her husband, Dr. Martin R. Frey, opened Padre Animal Hospital in Corpus Christi. She also was the first woman appointed to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and was appointed to the Texas Racing Commission, where she helped spell out minimal standards for horse and greyhound racing in Texas. Frey has received many honors, including Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of America, the YWCA Women in Careers Award, Outstanding Alumnae from the Oklahoma State University Women's Council, Woman of the Year from the National Greyhound Association and a Recognition of Service Award from the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.


Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Texas Graduates

Summer 2011




Bachelor of Science

Roxana Torres, cum laude


Bachelor of Science

Russen Ramon Vela

Mariela Vera, cum laude

Master of Science

Sandra Ramos



Master of Education

Faustin Kendo Boleli



Bachelor of Science

Thalya Montemayor, magna cum laude

Jenny Mordan



Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

David Guzman

Master of Business Administration

Sheila Denise Butel

Master of Science

Adriana Alicia Cavazos

Doctor of Education

Gerald William Albrecht



Bachelor of Science

Veronica Celeste Gutierrez



Bachelor of Science   

Arrian Eric Estrada