To the Editor,

During his recent trip to Latin America, President Obama paid homage to
the assassinated Archbishop Oscar Romero, an El Salvadoran hero famous
for standing with the poor during the war-torn 1980s. Oscar Romero was
assassinated while giving mass 31 years ago this week. In El Salvador,
Obama acknowledged Romero's heroism and bravery. However, what
Obama failed to mention is that the Archbishop's assassination was planned
and carried out by individuals trained by the United States at the School of
the Americas (SOA). The SOA is still in operation, training Latin American
soldiers that become human rights abusers at an astonishing rate. And
until Obama acknowledges the U.S.'s role in Oscar Romero's tragedy and
closes this school of assassins, the reputation of the United States will be
tainted in Latin America.


David Jackson
Edinburg, TX