Your state senator, Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, is a hypocrite.

He is a co-sponsor of SB 905, which exempts lawmakers from Penal Code 46.035 restrictions on where a concealed handgun licensee can carry their weapon, and voted the bill out of committee.

But he is refusing to vote for SB 354, which exempts us licensed, law-abiding common folk from PC 46.03 restrictions on carrying in university and college buildings.

SB 354 needs one more vote to be sent to the senate floor for final debate. Hinojosa is that one hold out vote.

Apparently, Senator Hinojosa believes only the privileged few deserve the right to self defense.

Please call Senator Hinojosa (512-463-0120) and demand that he expand the rights of ALL TEXANS and vote FOR SB 354.

Ryan Carssow

Cedar Park, TX