Dr. Gutierrez:

The Freddy Gonzalez school principal informs me that "YOUR" policy restricts my grandson from accepting a State Award for technology unless he misses school and is counted absent, for accepting the state award in technology.


Do the schools here in the Valley receive so many state awards that it interferes with our children's education by missing one day or two, to accept those State Awards?

I find that policy short sighted, unless of course the School Principle has mis-read your policy? Is that possible? If so, could you please inform his principle that Baldemar Garza, Jr. could attend the state awards in Austin on the NIGHT of April 13 and NOT be counted absent for the two days April 13 (travel to Austin) and April 14 (travel back to Edinburg from Austin).

I would appreciate your clarification to the ECISD policy on this point.

Thank you

Dr. Walter E. Greene, PHR

Retired Business Professor, UTPA